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Friday, 16 September 2011 | 02:39 | 0 Element(s)
hmm.. I'm a just little kind of sad now ... Juzt now, i'm listened to Sam Tsui song... I remembered someone who is my best buddy in school... that song really make me thinking about her .. actually... 1st time we met at my class... you learned +math with dayah and i learned +math from Fitri.. On that day, it's the first day we met right??? But, i' knew that you are such a great person even though i do not know you much... on that day.. both of us struggled study the most difficult subject thiz year.. we know nothink about addmath on that time even tomorrow will be our first test on that year... We became closer when you and me start working together to create a great aerobic team on the historical day "1 Murid, 1 Sukan" right??? I remembered when you still come to the rehearsal despite u're experiencing pain right??? I still remembered we always enjoy our chit-chat at my class.... having some gossips.. hehe... u're such a wonderful friend 4 me... but now... u're not here.. without saying a words... u've left me and all of our friends... If I can only turn the time back... I wanted to see u for the last time... to say goodbye 4 the last time and seek 4 ur forgiveness.... I wonder what u're doing right now??? I hope that you are happy... No more Advisor for our club.... no more laugh from u... If I had a chance to meet you again... I would really wanted you to know that we are so greatful to have you as our friends... no one can ever replaced you... NAJWA DALILA.... I hope now u're doing fine in whatever you do... best of luck k... Miss You!!! 
* Thanks 4 the cutest bookmark ever k...
i'll put in my add math text book..
so, i'll remember you when I opened that book...
Thanks 4 being a very good friends 4 me....


~No need to be sad when someone made your heart broke.. bcoz there are thousands more will make you happy~


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